PMP :(

"I am 40. When I was in my early twenties, I got depressed. A doctor prescribed me antidepressants. I never got better, allways getting worse, therefore doctors increased the ammount of antidepressants - I had some good periods, but I sank again and deeper all the time, more and more antidepressants. I was allways extremelly sad, even without palpable reasons. I tried to kill myself more than once. I hurt myself (still have a scar in my left arm). I was hospitalized in psychiatric hospital for more than a month in 2011. I stopped working for almost three years. My wife - the love of my life - got naturally tired and left me in November last year. I tried to kill myself once again. 

Then my familly decided to take me to an organizations that helps people leaving drugs. I stopped the antidepressants suddenly. And the hangover was massive, horrible.

I do not take psychiatric drugs anymore. But I do therapy, without medication. And, in 14 years or so, I've never been so structured and strong. 

I still suffer a lot. Like everybody in my situation would suffer. But now I feel I can take my life forward, I'm not dumbed anymore.

I'm not saying you shouldn't take antidepressants. But you should attack the origin of your problem with therapy. And quit the drugs as soon as possible..."

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